The Refuge Internship is designed to be the first step in your journey. This program is dedicated to investing in the next generation of Church leaders and equipping them for the call they have on their life.


Education is a priority in our internship. Our students will go to school and receive their AA degree from Global University during the program. 


In order to be successful in ministry we must constantly be growing. Our interns will be personally invested in by Pastors who have years of experience and have a heart for raising up the next generation. 


Our students will receive hands on experience in the are of ministry they are called to. This means that our interns will learn the practical aspects of leading a department and have the confidence to step into that role when they have completed the program. 


Our Interns will receive all of the necessary requirements to receive an Assembly of God credential. Our staff will walk with them through the process of  becoming a certified minister. 


We believe that ministry should not be done alone. Through the internship, students will have the opportunity to build relationships with people from around the district.


This internship is designed to equip students for the call of ministry, then send them out. Once students have finished the program they will be sent back to their home church or our staff will help them find a ministry role in our district. 

Meet the team.


Pastor Dave has been in ministry for over 30 years. He started his ministry as a youth pastor for 15 years then transition to the lead role. His heart is to invest in the next generation.   


Pastor Justin has been in youth ministry for over a decade. He has a deep passion for reaching the lost, discipleship, and equipping those in his ministry. Pastor Justin is involved at the district level mentoring Youth Pastors, Running Summer Camps (Fearless Summer) and assists churches get on school campus. 



Jimmy recently graduated from SUM bible college with a degree in worship. Jimmy has a deep passion for worship and an exceptional understanding of music. His heart is to lead people into authentic worship that points to Jesus. Jimmy currently runs our district summer camp worship teams. 

Internship Requirements

Who Can Apply
- Anyone who is over the age of 18 or will be 18 when  they enter the internship
- Anyone who feels called to ministry
- Once you apply, there will be an interview set up. Following the interview, applicants will be notified if they have been accepted into the program.
The Refuge Internship itself does not cost anything. When we say the we believe in the next generation, we mean it. Refuge does not profit from our students, we invest IN them. With that being said, students will be required to cover the cost of their college education through Global University.
College Cost
- $2500 a year plus any fees from Global University. 
Other Costs
- Students are responsible to cover the cost of all missions trips, camps and conventions.
We understand that stepping into ministry can be difficult, and we want to provide our students with the best opportunity to succeed during their time with us. With that being said, our interns will be given a monthly stipend that will help off set the costs of living.
- 1st Year Interns: $500/mo
Our internship is designed for our students to receive as much education and experience as possible within the 2 years they are with us. In oder to accomplish that, we ask that our students abide by our expectations for the duration of the program.

Time: We expect our students to be fully involved in the ministry. That means that students will be asked to be at all ministry functions throughout the week, along with maintaining office hours (9am- 4pm). A weekly break down will be below.
Monday: School from 9am-4pm
Tuesday: Staff meeting, then ministry obligations 9am- 4pm
Wednesday: Mid- Week responsibilities and ministry opportunities 9am-4pm/ 5:30pm- End of service.
Thursday: School From 9am- 4pm
Friday: Off unless pre scheduled event
Saturday: Off unless pre scheduled event
Sunday: Church from 8am- 12pm

- Maintain a healthy christian lifestyle
- No drinking
- Online activity must glorify Christ
- No pre marital relationships
- Students must be on time and presentable
- Maintain a 2.5 GPA in school
- Must submit to leadership

Limited housing is available for students who are in the internship. If you would like to apply for housing please contact Pastor Justin or indicate your need for housing on your application. 


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